Executive Coaching

The calibre of leadership in an organization is central to attracting and retraining talent. Executives and other leaders are being asked to lead in ways they have never been led in order to attract and retain people, and to creatively develop the capabilities and potential of others.  As organizations lose the knowledge and experience of baby boomers, executives and other leaders are tasked with rapid development of those who remain in order to fill the void.

Executive Coaching will help you to:

  • Develop and enhance leadership abilities
  • Gather 360° Feedback and use it to create a plan for your development
  • Enhance awareness of personal style and impact on others
  • Develop and apply interpersonal skills to influence others
  • Facilitate more effective group interaction
  • Plan and execute business strategies
  • Establish priorities and ensure that the most important things get done
  • Develop the capabilities of your Direct Reports and help them achieve career success
  • Balance work and life
  • Create better understanding and cooperation across the organization
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Handle difficult conversations
  • Manage conflicts

The Process

Coaching involves purposeful dialogue in a safe, confidential one on one relationship. The corporate coaching process may include the following:

  • Formation of coaching relationship and framework for coaching
  • Three way meeting (executive, boss and coach) to hear boss’s expectations and perceptions of executive’s strengths and areas for development
  • Gathering of 360° feedback and creation of a development plan which identifies measures of success
  • Coaching for development: 2-4 hours per month for six to twelve months. Various instruments may be used to enhance leader’s self-awareness and development
  • Assessment of progress
  • Periodic follow-up discussions as needed.

Coaching may be provided in person and/or by telephone.

Who Benefits from Executive Coaching?

  • Executives seeking a confidential “thinking partner”
  • High potential candidates in organizations that want to accelerate the development of leadership capabilities for succession planning
  • Individuals who are moving to new positions or new levels of leadership
  • Leaders who want to enhance their abilities to coach and develop the capabilities of others
  • Talented, valued individuals who need to address a particular performance gap

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