Team Development

Teams have become a critical vehicle for achieving results in many organizations. The benefits that effective teams can provide both members and organizations are well documented; however, teams do not automatically become successful. Ineffective teams and team members result in wasted time, lost opportunities, poor customer relations, low morale and high turnover. Team development enhances trust, communication, decision making and problem solving, and productivity.

Arvidson Executive Coaching Inc. has expertise in guiding team development processes that enable organizations to create and maintain successful teams. Since each team is unique, we adapt our approach according to the needs and characteristics of the individual team. Our team development approach incorporates two main strategies:

Team Education:

  • Research has shown that inadequate training is the number one barrier to successful team implementation.  Team training accelerates the team development process.
  • Our training focus on helping leaders and team members acquire the concepts, core skills and tools necessary to make teams work.

Team Building

  • Teams encounter obstacles that can stall progress.  Team building focuses on removing blocks to team performance, improving working relationships, and enhancing overall team effectiveness.  Data gathering and analysis determine the design of the team-building process.  A recommendation is then developed, planning for improvement, implementation and evaluation with follow-up.


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